Yemeni Sidr Faraz Honey 500g
Yemeni Sidr Faraz Honey 500g

Yemeni Sidr Faraz Honey 500g

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We present you with this welcoming gift of honey from the blessings of the Yemeni Sidr tree, harvested at the very beginning of its blooming season. The irresistible aroma of its unique flowers lures the busy bees of Yemen to gather nectar and pollen for this phenomenal honey. Prior to the Sidr season, the bees also forage from the wildflowers growing in the surroundings, making this honey a multi-floral unicity.

Far away from the reach of the industrial hand, trustworthy beekeepers extract Sidr honey utilizing traditional techniques inherited from their forefathers. This raw and unadulterated poly-floral honey is a perfectly healthy sweetener with the aroma of the Sidr flower and a blend of other floral notes. Starting with a clear golden glow, it’s color darkens into a light amber adornment.

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