Glorious Oud Royal Blanc Extrait De Parfum 80ml

Glorious Oud Royal Blanc Extrait De Parfum 80ml

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Glorious Oud Royal Blanc is a modern aromatic therapy designed not only to awaken the senses but also to relax and heal the soul. This fragrance creates an unparalleled atmosphere and possesses a unique healing effect.

The minimalist, snow-white bottle reminiscent of a wedding dress exudes elegance and simplicity, while revealing the fragrance's secret in advance.

The fragrance opens with warm milky-creamy notes of white and pink musk that lead to rivers of pleasure, cleanse the weary soul, and bring new life energy. A warm touch of lactonic sandalwood provides an additional soothing experience, where every cell of the body relaxes.

The heart notes reveal a fresh vanilla-citrus magnolia with a light silk touch on the petals, unlocking inner reserves, filling the soul with optimism and sincerity, and removing everything negative.

A complex blend of aromatic elements provides a soothing and healing experience, acting as a healer of heart wounds, and black currant, which reveals a deep and decisive fragrance.

At the beginning of this fragrance, there is a lively citrus duet - mandarin and bergamot, which are full of optimism and belief in miracles. The fragrance pyramid plays on the skin for a long time with the freshness of the hedione molecule, enhancing the sound of the composition and providing a long-lasting effect.

This is indeed an impressive fragrance that will not leave you indifferent and will change your perception of perfumes.

Top notes: magnolia, black currant.

Heart notes: white musk, mandarins.

Base notes: bergamot, sandalwood.

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