Spectre Eau De Parfum 80ml

Spectre Eau De Parfum 80ml

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A scent of unparalleled charm and mysticism that begins with a vibrant blend of saffron and leather, creating a rich and exotic aroma.

As the scent deepens, it develops and birch resin takes center stage. This middle note infuses the composition with a smoky, leathery depth that is both suggestive and daring, adding intrigue to the narrative.

The base is built on a harmonious duet of labdanum and agarwood. The frankincense provides a warm, resinous sweetness, while the agarwood provides a woody, balsamic richness that lingers on the skin and leaves an indelible impression.

A resinous and smoky aroma that will delight those who prefer exclusivity, brightness and luxury.

Top notes: saffron, leather.
Heart notes: amber, birch resin, benzoin.
Base notes: labdanum, agarwood.

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