Yemeni Saal Honey
Yemeni Saal Honey
Yemeni Saal Honey

Yemeni Saal Honey

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Raw honey that you’ll love, planted by nature and gathered by the hands of our indigenous beekeeper, we present you our Yemeni Saal honey, a premium quality honey!

This special bee delight has the best-quality honey processed using natural ways. Our Saal honey affects the soar and causes a similar effect that chilli spices make. The burning sensation in the throat lasts only for about 30 minutes and then disappears along with all the bacteria in the infected area. It shouldn’t be used for little kids.

Yemeni Saal honey is one of the finest kinds of honey in the world. Its reputation is built through the unique features of Yemeni Saal trees. Our honey is harvested using traditional beekeeping methods to ensure it is bee-friendly.

It serves as a great alternative to processed sugar and can be used with morning tea, breakfast cereals, pancakes, etc.

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