Hand Sanitizer Gel (Aloe Vera) 500ml

Hand Sanitizer Gel (Aloe Vera) 500ml

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With a single gesture With the push button of the 500ml bottles, a single gesture allows you to comfortably and hygienically apply the disinfectant gel on your hands. It is a hand soap with hydroalcohol that keeps clean and disinfected hands free of bacteria at all times. Immediate and effective results.

Being a gel type, it evaporates quickly when spread between hands, without staining or falling off. Apply the necessary amount of gel to your hands and then rub until the product has evaporated. (Usually about 10 seconds).

With antibacterial agent enhanced with aloe vera, it maintains a high level of hygiene and skin care. Keeping hands clean and disinfected is very important to maintain a good level of health and avoid contagion of bacteria or viruses existing in the environment or by contact.

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel bottle. In a 500 ml bottle with a dispenser, it is a very convenient and practical format to use or store in every home, clinic, residence, hospital or company.

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