Swirl Style Set

Swirl Style Set

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** Patented patented ultra-soft and flexible IntelliFlex(R), they are very tough, flexible, strong, can overcome tangles easily without leaving any damage on the surface. hair body face

** Minimizing pain for hair that is not young and broken

** Doesn't need much impact (no pulling on hair when combing) so it won't damage your hair

** The Oval-shaped wide brush helps comb hair in neat and beautiful waves, and easily removes dandruff and dirt from the hair roots, creating room and softness, bobbing for the hair.

** The tip of the comb teeth is covered with a round plastic layer called Polysoft, which has the effect of massaging the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

** Reduce damage by more than 45%, reduce the impact of force over 56%, 100% have healthy and beautiful hair.

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